Meshulam Print was founded in 2010 by Avi Meshulam.
We specialize in producing tickets for shows, parties and events,
anywhere from small venues to stadiums and large halls which host thousands of seats (Nokia Hall, Arena Jerusalem, Heichal HaTarbut [Culture Hall] in Tel-Aviv ,Binyanei Hauma [Jerusalem International Convention Center] and more…)

 We print any and all forms of tickets for every kind of event and show for institutional customers, ticket offices, and private customers.

We provide every kind of ticket in every size and format from “regular” tickets to double-sided colorful tickets with barcodes as well as advanced anti-counterfeiting measures (see video).

An essential part of the production of a show or event is the printing of flyers and/ or posters as part of the advertisement and PR.
which is why we produce both posters and flayers and provide everything under one roof and in a very attractive price. 

Very important!

It’s necessary to remember that ticket printing is not like printing flayers or posters.

For all intents and purposes, printing tickets is like printing money!

When you print 1000 tickets for the nominal price of 100 ILS per ticket, it’s as if you printed 100,000 ILS.

That is in fact the intake you are supposed to receive from selling those tickets.

Would you agree to share your earnings with someone else?!

How can you be certain no one counterfeited your tickets?

Do the cards match the map of the venue in which the event takes place?

Maybe a line is missing? Maybe there are missing seats?

We could go on listing the problems that could arise from unprofessional ticket printing.

Our goal is not to scare or frighten, on the contrary, the success of your show or event is our success.
That is why we take ticket printing with great seriousness and professionalism.
We get regular updated of changes from venues and check ourselves several times in order to prevent mistakes.

Take a look at the following links (Hebrew) to see instances involving ticket counterfeiting. 


We print:

  • Any and all kinds of tickets

  • Tickets with varying information

  • Tickets with anti-counterfeiting holograms

  • Complementary Products for events (posters, flayers, name tags and more)


We look forward to helping you